Mother Angelica, was born Rita Rizzo in Canton, Ohio in 1923. Having spent the early years of her life in Canton, Rita entered the PCPA monastery in Cleveland, Ohio, and then helped in the establishment of Sancta Clara Monastery in Canton. After a terrible accident that could have left her paralyzed, Sister Mary Angelica promised God that if He allowed her to walk again, she would build Him a monastery in the South. True to her word, the new Mother Angelica founded Our Lady of the Angels in Irondale, Alabama in 1962. Later in 1999, the Nuns would move to a new monastery in Hanceville, Alabama to accommodate the community’s growth.


Mother Angelica, being a woman of great zeal and faith, began Eternal Word Television Network with $200.00, the monastery garage, and remarkable guts. Not to be deterred by fears and the consensus that such an aspiration was “impossible,” Mother preached the faith she lived on a daily basis through her LIVE shows that the Network broadcasted.


Although she suffered a stroke in 2001 and is unable to continue the correspondence and evangelization that she loved, Mother’s faith continues to reach beyond the ‘now,’ and points to the God who loves us.