Times of study are vital to our way of life as we seek to know Christ more deeply and be formed by His word. At every stage of the vocational journey, the need for continual formation as disciples of Christ is supplemented by the study of scripture, Church documents, the Fathers and writings of the Saints.  St. Jerome  (342-419 AD), wrote of the ever-surprising grace found in scripture study:  You are reading? No. Your betrothed is talking to you. It is your betrothed, that is, Christ, who is united with you. He tears you away from the solitude of the desert and brings you into his home, saying to you, ‘Enter into the joy of your Master.’


Fr. Timothy Radcliff expounds on the reason for a formation fortified by study: …Our study has this ultimate purpose, to bring us to this moment of conversion when our false images of God are destroyed so that we may draw near to the mystery.