workbreadThrough daily work, each nun finds a steady means to grow in charity by serving the needs of her sisters in imitation of Christ who “came to serve.”  At times both demanding and rewarding, our assigned tasks allow us to contribute to the life of the community while providing challenges that foster personal growth. Whether the work is done with other sisters or individually, the nun finds that: “By enduring the toil of work in union with Christ crucified for us, man in a way collaborates with the Son of God for the redemption of humanity. He shows himself a true disciple of Christ by carrying the cross in his turn every day[86] in the activity that he is called upon to perform” (John Paul II).


Each Sister contributes to the cleaning of the monastery and is given various responsibilities to fulfill. Some of the monastery jobs include cooking, sewing, sacristy work, mail correspondence, baking, portress and care of the infirm. All of this serves to support the main ‘work’ of prayer and adoration even as we seek to “keep the Lord ever before [us],” offering our labors in union with Christ.